Special Edition: Show Me Your Bracket!! 2017 MPC Bracket Revealsies

Wow, what a day – the 64-person MPC SWCCG Bracket is revealed ON THIS VERY PODCAST. Listen in as Mike Gemme, Two-Time World Champ Justin Desai, Greg Shaw, and Chris Gogolen give you all 64 seeds of the 2017 Match Play Championship!



Show me your damn deck

Many of you know me, but for those who do not I’m a lifelong member of the KTOD – Two-time team world champion (w/ my buddy and teammate Justin “H2o” Desai) and a three-time Worlds top 8 competitor.

I used to love maintaining my blog on the PC Site – for those who don’t remember I almost exclusively worked on building/brewing decks. Like many of us, I used to spend my days on Decktech.net posting decks and tournament reports as often as I could.

My new hobbie (heh) is podcasting – and as I prep for the MPC, I thought interviewing the game’s best deckbuilders would be entertaining and get me prepped to dominate an event that I have traditionally sucked hard in.