Episode II: Emil Wallin’s Euro-Winning TTO

In Episode II of the Show Me Your Deck Podcast I sit down with Two-Time World Champion Emil Wallin to talk about TTO. We break down his TTO Deck from day 3 of the European Championships (which he won). Emil talks TIE Lasers, killing two Home One’s in one game, and using GravityShadow’s Gravity Shadows. Scuzi.

Start: 8

Endor Operations
Endor: Bunker
Endor: Landing Platform
Operational As Planned
Moff Jerjerrod
Kuat Drive Yards v
Knowledge & Defense v
Locations: 6

Death Star II
Death Star II Sector x3
Characters: 10

Admiral Piett
Admiral Ozzel
Admiral Motti v
Darth Vader v
Darth Maul
Count Dooku
Grand Moff Tarkin v
4 Lom w/ Concussion Rifle v
Major Mianda


Blue Cards: 7

Scythe 1
Black 2 v
Zuckuss in Mist Hunter
Conquest V


Epic Events: 1

That Thing’s Operational


Green Cards: 2

Superlaser Mark II
SFS Tie Cannon 7.2


Effects: 6

No Escape
We Shall Double Our Efforts
Endor Shield v
Something Special Planned for Them v
Image of the Dark Lord v
Imperial Decree v


Interrupts: 20

A Dark Time For the Rebellion V x2
Tarkins Orders x2
Control / Set For Stun x2
Voyeur x2
Close Call v
Force Push v x2
Ghhhk Combo
Imperial Command x3
Short Range Fighters / Watch Your Back x2
Gravity Shadow x2
Imperial Artillery