Special Edition: Show Me Your Bracket!! 2017 MPC Bracket Revealsies

Wow, what a day – the 64-person MPC SWCCG Bracket is revealed ON THIS VERY PODCAST. Listen in as Mike Gemme, Two-Time World Champ Justin Desai, Greg Shaw, and Chris Gogolen give you all 64 seeds of the 2017 Match Play Championship!



Episode III: Hayes Hunter’s First Order In The Court

In Episode III we sit down with Hayes Hunter, legendary Star Wars CCG player and deckbuilder to talk about the Court of the Vile Gangster deck featuring the First Order that a couple of chums named Tom took to the European Championships. We also talk about the errata to the deck as well as to the “Shield Puller” effects.

Hayes and I also catch up a bit, as we used to be pretty good friends but haven’t spoken in quite some time.

Hope you enjoy.

Episode II: Emil Wallin’s Euro-Winning TTO

In Episode II of the Show Me Your Deck Podcast I sit down with Two-Time World Champion Emil Wallin to talk about TTO. We break down his TTO Deck from day 3 of the European Championships (which he won). Emil talks TIE Lasers, killing two Home One’s in one game, and using GravityShadow’s Gravity Shadows. Scuzi.

Start: 8

Endor Operations
Endor: Bunker
Endor: Landing Platform
Operational As Planned
Moff Jerjerrod
Kuat Drive Yards v
Knowledge & Defense v
Locations: 6

Death Star II
Death Star II Sector x3
Characters: 10

Admiral Piett
Admiral Ozzel
Admiral Motti v
Darth Vader v
Darth Maul
Count Dooku
Grand Moff Tarkin v
4 Lom w/ Concussion Rifle v
Major Mianda


Blue Cards: 7

Scythe 1
Black 2 v
Zuckuss in Mist Hunter
Conquest V


Epic Events: 1

That Thing’s Operational


Green Cards: 2

Superlaser Mark II
SFS Tie Cannon 7.2


Effects: 6

No Escape
We Shall Double Our Efforts
Endor Shield v
Something Special Planned for Them v
Image of the Dark Lord v
Imperial Decree v


Interrupts: 20

A Dark Time For the Rebellion V x2
Tarkins Orders x2
Control / Set For Stun x2
Voyeur x2
Close Call v
Force Push v x2
Ghhhk Combo
Imperial Command x3
Short Range Fighters / Watch Your Back x2
Gravity Shadow x2
Imperial Artillery

Episode I: Baroni’s TMW Winning Hunt Down

In Episode I of the Show Me Your Deck Podcast, I sit down with my good friend Steve Baroni to discuss the Hunt Down deck he piloted on Day 2 of the SWCCG Texas Mini Worlds tournament last weekend. We recap Day 2, talk about card choices, and go over some changes to make if you want to play this going forward.

Start (6)
Exceutor: Holotheatre
Executor: Meditation Chamber
Visage of the Emperor
Knowledge and Defense
Surface Defense (v)

Locations (3)
Imperial Holotable
Blockade Flagship: Bridge
Blockade Flagship: Hallway

Characters (21)
4-Lom (v)
General Grievous
Darth Sidious
Dr. Evazan/Ponda Baba
Mara Jade w/ Lightsaber
Grand Moff Tarkin x2
Count Dooku x2
Maul w/ Lightsaber x3
Emperor Palpatine x3
Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith x4
Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter

Blue Cards (4)
Emperor’s Shuttle x2
Maul’s Sith Infiltrator
Blizzard 4

Effects (8)
Presence of the Force
The Phantom Menace x2
Something Special Planned (v)
Blast Door Controls
No Escape
Security Precautions
Visage of the Emperor

Interrupts (18)
Limited Resources
Cold Feet (v)
I Have You Now
Maul Strikes
Sneak Attack (v)
Force Lightning
Force Push (v) x2
Force Field x2
Masterful Move
Masterful Move/Endor Operations x2
We Must Accelerate Our Plans x3

Changes going forward
-1 Masterful Move
-1 Monnok
-1 Imperial Holotable
-1 Sneak Attack v
-1 Limited Resources
-1 Presence of the Force

+1 Cloud City: Prison
+2 Sonic Bombardment
+1 Force Lightning
+1 First Strike
+1 Imperial Barrier